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How do you establish yourself as a key decision-maker on technical projects?

January 31 – March 30 Leadership course
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As a senior individual contributor (IC), your influence grows and you’re expected to tackle larger and more challenging problems. But it can be a struggle leading projects when you won’t directly manage team members. 

So how can ICs influence decisions and communicate technical and strategic expertise?

In this panel discussion, we’ll explore how ICs in senior positions can effectively influence peers in their organization without direct managerial authority. We’ll discuss examples and tactics for ICs to establish their influence, build trusted relationships with colleagues, and get visibility across teams. 

Key takeaways

  • Establish yourself as a key decision-maker on technical projects
  • Communicate your technical and strategic expertise within the organization
  • Build trusted, influential relationships with colleagues across teams
  • Explore strategies to gather full visibility throughout your organization
  • Create a lasting impact as an individual contributor role without management responsibility