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Become a leader of a motivated data team that has company-wide impact

Data teams are integral to the success of a company and serve the needs of the entire business.  Therefore, it’s crucial for these teams to be efficient, effective, and above all, happy in their roles. It can be daunting for managers to know where to start when building such teams, and it can be difficult to know what ‘right’ looks like for an effective data team. 

In this panel, data managers discuss how you can build and maintain a happy and effective data team. Starting with who you should hire first, the panel will help you decide what the right structure looks like for your org as your team grows, and how you can prevent issues that commonly plague data practitioners, such as burnout, overwhelm and demotivation.

Key takeaways

  • Understand how to build a team that is perfectly suited to your organization
  • Learn how to prevent burnout and keep your team motivated
  • Gain a better understanding of where your team sits in the wider org and how they work with and support different departments


Pérez Saaibi
Sebastián Pérez Saaibi
Pérez Saaibi