26 mins
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True or False. Zero or One. Computers are viciously black and white in their logic.

Humans, on the other hand, are messy — Emotional, forgetful, biased and opinionated. Convincing one person can be hard. Harder still is having influence over a team, especially when you need to manage the implicit authority (or lack thereof) your title may afford you.

That’s the key: the growth of your career, whether as an individual contributor or a manager, will be dictated by your ability to drive impact at increasing scale.

In this talk, learn to capitalize on your interpersonal connections within your workplace to drive consensus, to optimize your time and efforts while selling your ideas to others, to reduce surprise to help you achieve your goals, and to build a strategy that can be bought into by other leaders and executed on by your team without you having to micromanage the process.

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Optimizing the 'glue work' in your team
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