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What does build vs buy balance actually look like when it comes to building great software and keeping developer teams focused on the core product?

A crucial part of building a product is choosing which features and capabilities to build yourselves and which to outsource to specialized services or technologies. By building all the non-core features in-house, you might waste valuable time and resources and open potential security loopholes. On the other hand, by adding too many off-the-shelf features, you risk the product's reliability and it could get expensive for your org.

In this panel, engineering leaders will share the essential steps to take when prioritizing engineering and product efforts, how to identify necessary but non-core features to take off developers' plates, and how to gain more visibility into business objectives at the practitioner level  - all while making sure you and your teams maintain a sense of autonomy and ownership over the product you are creating.

Key takeaways

  • Discover the benefits and pitfalls of both building and buying.
  • Learn how to foster a closer working relationship between UX, engineering and product to align on the product's capabilities.
  • Prioritize features more effectively by better understanding user needs.
  • Understand how to make technical decisions based on budget and resourcing.
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