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For many engineers, CTO is a bit of a dream role

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But in today's climate, what does that role really look like? We have brought four of the best CTOs in the industry, including David Singleton from Stripe and Parag Agrawal from Twitter, to answer this question and more.

"We talk about all the differences in CTOs across the world, but I think there is a common theme, the call of the job, which is to be the technical voice on the leadership team and to make sure every decision made is enriched by your presence as a CTO"

– Parag Agrawal

In this discussion, you will learn:

  • The path to becoming a CTO
  • What the first 100 days in the role look like
  • How the role has developed over the years
  • What the hardest parts of being a modern CTO are
  • How to assess your own performance in the role
  • What skills you acquire and level-up as a CTO