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Probably the thing I most regret not doing right away post-acquisition was ensuring we ruthlessly focused on investing only in our most important company priorities. It was too easy to get distracted, and we did.

As an engineering leader, managing your team through a period of change is inevitable. Change can manifest itself in numerous ways with varying levels of impact, but each type needs you at the helm to lead your team through. This can be a daunting task, but in this video Yvette Pasqua aims to make it less so by sharing her very own framework on leading engineering teams through change. All based on her own experiences, Yvette’s framework pivots around two central components: the phase of change you’re in and the leadership qualities you can use to support yourself and your team. 

By the end of this video you will have learned: 

  • The importance of reaching outside your network for support when leading through change.
  • What the three phases of change are and how best to navigate them.
  • What the three key leadership qualities are when leading through change and how best to optimize for them.
  • What a visual mindbox version of the framework looks like and how you can apply it to your circumstances.


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