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How do you effectively manage a software engineering team?

January 31 – March 30 Leadership course
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Move forward as a team in 2022

Join the six-part group development course addressing engineering leadership’s most fundamental challenges.

Becoming an engineering leader needs more than just a technical skill set. Motivating your team, resolving conflict, managing upwards, communicating effectively are all essential tools.

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked where Suzan Bond will be joined by Michael Lopp (aka Rands) to discuss his book Managing Humans: Biting and humorous tales of a software engineering manager. Whether you're an aspiring or current manager, Michael has a story and lesson for you.

Key Learnings

  • Learn to manage upwards with real-life examples
  • Understand how to motivate employees with differing personality types
  • Recognize when and why to say no to extra work
  • Identify, prevent, and resolve conflict in your team