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Reality sometimes makes decisions for us. Teams and businesses come to an end or need to focus elsewhere. But lives go on...

When changes like these happen, we must not forget that real people are affected. Taking care of the humans and their concerns should not stop there. It’s not only an ethical act (which is enough on its own) – it is also a good investment, both for the company and for you as a leader.

While such processes are never easy, I will aim to provide you with a framework that can help you lead through such a transition while taking care of yourself and the humans around you.

I went through events such as a company insolvency or shutting down business domains. I will draw on those experiences and talk about: making the tough decision, delivering it, understanding its impact, hearing each person’s concerns, helping them as much as possible and, finally, seeing them to the next step in their career – be it alongside you or not. 

Helping your team during such times is one of the most challenging and draining, yet most rewarding experiences you may undergo as a leader.