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Showing your engineers the context of a project is essential for reducing idle time.

Maintaining productivity when working remotely is something we all struggle with, now that crucial updates at the watercooler are no longer a possibility. As an engineering manager it can be especially hard for your teams to keep up the momentum in a project when visibility and collaboration are so essential for success.

So, how can we as engineering leaders make sure our teams have the motivation and knowledge to drive projects forward? 

In this panel, our engineering experts will be discussing key tips for optimizing your approach to remote projects and keeping them on track. We will look at the impact of sticking to deadlines and how to create more adaptable and successful teams.

Key takeaways

  • Understand how to keep remote teams on the same track in projects
  • Learn how to allocate developers’ time and resources efficiently
  • Empower engineers to manage their own delivery time
  • Build team momentum with visibility each engineer’s impact in a project
  • Create adaptable and collaborative remote teams for greater business development



Nassim Kammah

Nassim is an Engineering Manager at Mailchimp. He leads the Search team, whose members span 3 time zones in a fully distributed fashion.

Lena Reinhard

Lena Reinhard is an ex-VP of engineering at CircleCI and Travis CI, and now a leadership coach and consultant.