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Success is possible no matter where you start from

Raji Rajagopalan is a first-generation immigrant in America and a woman of color in technology. After accidentally getting into the tech industry and overcoming biases in the corporate world, she has run teams of engineers across continents and built a successful career. With the right pointers and practices, we have it within us to dream big and lead fulfilling lives. 

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked, where Raji Rajagopalan will join Suzan Bond to discuss her book ‘Daring to be different: Stories and tips from a woman leader in tech’, which contains a collection of personal and professional essays with practical tips to help you overcome common workplace challenges.

In this session, Raji will tell her story about how she overcame the odds to become a Partner Engineering Director at Microsoft and her tips on resilience, success and daring to be different! She shares the lessons learned from 20 years in the tech industry and what you need to know if you’re trying to progress to a senior role in your organisation.

Key takeaways

  • Gain practical tips to help you overcome work challenges and build a successful career
  • Learn how to empower yourself as a leader 
  • Understand the 7 key skills needed to progress in your career