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Uh-oh, you wrote another meandering doc where your reviewers lost the plot. Maybe you just sent out a long-winded email announcement that was met with more confusion. Or your tech spec is met with that famous question: "what are we solving here again?"

What if there was a way to focus your ideas and communicate them clearly and concisely? Barbara Minto did just that in 1985 in her seminal book, _The Pyramid Principle_ and its now-famous SCQA framework. How might we learn from her so that we can be effective written communicators in a remote work world?

Join us as we help a beleaguered tech lead edit their team's product spec by learning about the key components of the SCQA framework. We'll learn how to deliver the core ideas first, build logical, deductive arguments, and win approval and achieve alignment along the way. You'll leave with a clear understanding of how to uplevel your technical communication with leadership and your colleagues!