Nimisha Asthagiri is Chief Architect at edX where she drives strategic technical initiatives to implement an intentional architecture for the next generation of large-scale online learning.

She aligns developers on design principles to enable an extensible and innovative open-source platform, with the help of a global community.

In her role as Director of Engineering, she proudly serves a group of driven, compassionate, and open-minded core-platform engineers. Prior to joining edX 7 years ago, Nimisha led security development at Groove Networks, a startup focused on peer-to-peer group communications.

Her journey also included taking several years off to raise a family and to lead local community volunteer efforts in various educational contexts.

Nimisha remains passionate about education as an avenue to inspire and improve the lives of many. Her current employer, edX, is a non-profit open-source education movement for restless learners to unlock their potential.