Each month we read a book that speaks to one of the key skills you’ll need to be a great engineering leader.

We’ll focus on some engineering-specific books, and some from the wider world of leadership. 

The author will then join our host Suzan Bond (Executive Coach and former COO) for an in-depth conversation about the book’s core messages and takeaways. Immediately after, there will be a Q&A with the author in the #bookmarked channel of the LeadDev Slack. 

Check out our upcoming sessions: 

  • 1 OctoberWorking in Public, Nadia Eghbal
  • 8 October – Check Your Privilege, Myisha T. Hill
  • 3 November – Realizing Empathy, Seung Chan Lim
  • 8 December – The Effective Engineer, Edmond Lau
  • 12 January – Inspired, Marty Cagan
  • 2 February – Multipliers, Liz Wiseman
  • 6 April - Building for Everyone, Annie Jean-Baptiste
  • 4 May - Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader, Herminia Ibarra

And if you missed any of the past sessions? We've still got you covered; you can find all of the past recordings right here


About the host

Suzan Bond is an executive coach and organizational strategist. A former COO for Travis CI, she coaches technology leaders. You can find Suzan on Twitter and at SuzanBond.com.