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Let's talk about migration, especially the less spotlighted part: the process of dismantling the legacy system. How do you go about it? How did others approach it?

In this talk, I'll share the strategies used to disassemble our legacy data pipelines responsible for managing merchant eligibility on the Shop apps. Join me on a journey through our successes, challenges, and invaluable learnings in the meticulous orchestration of terminating our legacy data pipelines.

  • Gain insights into the rationale behind opting for the strangler pattern over the quick-and-easy rip-and-replace strategy, and understand the trade-offs we accepted with this intentional decision.
  • Explore the implementation of the factory method pattern to seamlessly integrate the numerous new data pipelines we built, unveiling the practical advantages it brought to the process of phasing out the legacy pipelines.
  • Learn the art of keeping track of communications with numerous teams and the strategies employed to ensure seamless collaboration.
  • Dive into the intricacies of stakeholder communication, understanding the different needs of various areas.