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When undergoing a period of expansion within a company, opportunities for new technologies and frameworks can open up. For an engineering organisation this also means that teams will need to deal with structural and technical changes while still managing their existing workload.

Before any changes can be put into place, engineering leaders have the responsibility to make sure that their teams are prepared and confident in navigating the changes to their workspace.  Failing to do this can have an adverse impact on the organisation, leading to overworked engineers and overloaded architecture.

In this panel, engineering leaders will be discussing how they prepared their teams for different types of challenges that can arise due to company growth of all types.  The panel will advise on laying the groundwork for technical and structural change, and how to set your team and organization up for success in the next phase.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teach your engineers to feel certain and confident about what will be changing structurally and technically
  • Empower your engineers to work independently and take initiative when experiencing the growing pains of the company
  • Navigate the period of expansion seamlessly with your team to limit impact your team’s output and performance 
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