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Marketing to tech companies is hard, with new competitors and solutions continuously springing up.

Whether you are a small company trying to increase your brand awareness, or an established brand looking to stand out from the competition, how can you make sure that your message is heard among the noise, by the right people?

The key is to market to the broadest range of folks within your target organizations, so that you can secure buy-in across the board, from VPs to entry-level engineers. Here’s why you should be casting a wide net.

More advocates, more chances

It’s simple: the more advocates you have in an organization, the more likely you are to secure customers. Decisions around new solutions are rarely made by one person; the average number involved in B2B purchases is 6.8 and still rising. It has never been more important to get your brand in front of multiple leaders and users, even those that you might not consider important: you never know who might influence a decision.

Make your message land

In any organization, only a handful of the team may be facing the specific problem that your product can solve. These are the people you want to reach, but targeting them is easier said than done, with job titles and levels of seniority doing little to signal who really needs your help. By promoting across different teams, and at all stages of the career ladder, you can be sure that the right folks receive your message.

All rungs of the ladder

Getting buy-in from VPs is essential (as they’ll have the most influence and will likely sign off on budgets) but don’t neglect the lower rungs of the ladder. Engineers are often the folks using your service, and teams are regularly asked for recommendations for new vendors. If you already have several team members using your product, you can gain an advantage when their manager decides to scale out. Collectively, they may have the casting vote.

Don’t lose your way in

Things move fast in the tech industry, including people. There is nothing more frustrating than building a great rapport with somebody only for them to move to another company. By nurturing plenty of relationships, you can make sure you don’t lose your way in. And you can ask them all about their experiences in the company, helping you to understand your customers’ needs more clearly.

De-risk your sales cycle

Most importantly, marketing to multiple stakeholders reduces risk. Targeting just one or two key relationships places too much on individual loyalty (which in our fast-paced industry can change overnight). By building a large group of champions throughout an organization, at different stages of their career, you can secure your connection to the company, and make sure that you always have folks promoting your brand from within.


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