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Welcome to LeadingEng New York 2023

A welcome to LeadingEng New York 2023 from our host.


Interactive session Career paths, progression, promotion

Career Vectors - CTO Flavors: Mixing & Matching Skillsets

Learn how to define your own personal development plan as a CTO



Networking: The map is not the territory

When you’re looking to network and find peers while in a leadership position, it’s helpful to rethink some of our mental maps of how we position ourselves with others. Taking a different lens to the various folks around you — beyond titles and years of experience — can help widen your network and surprise you with different types of support you can gain.

10:30 30 min



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Evolving your core management skills: From IC to VP

This talk, will go through the core skills any leader needs evolve, as you go first from directly building software, to building teams that build software, to building leaders that build teams that build software.


Interactive session Professional development

Intentional influence

Learn how to create positive change in your work environment and gain buy-in from people in power, your direct reports, and cross-functional leaders.


How do you build a great team culture? LMGTFY

In this talk, Jenn will bridge the gap between the instructions senior leaders often get, and the desired outcomes: a workplace where people feel safe to be themselves, ask questions, make mistakes, and grow together.

12:40 60 mins



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The business value of an engineering year

In this talk Ian will cover the best practices that bridge the gap between how business leaders talk about value vs how software development teams tend to.


Interactive session

Strengthening company alignment

As a senior leader, you are often the in-between person who is matching the business needs, product execution and the team’s talent. That work requires you to communicate proficiently to ensure everyone understands the needs and the status of progress. In this talk, we’ll cover the basic communication paths to be successful as a senior engineering leader and dive into two of the most difficult parts of it: forward planning and driving accountability in your teams.


Realizing a technical strategy during turbulent times

In this talk, Bruce shares the lessons he learned from his multi-year journey to define a technical strategy, from the excitement of a new job and team, to facing the harsh realities, exploding complexities and now embarking on the next phase of the strategy.

15:10 30 min



Enjoy some refreshments during the break


Leveling-up your leadership team

In this talk IBK will share how you, as a leader, can take a topic and work on it with your team. IBK will also share an example topic and the format that he shared with senior leaders at Shopify.


Interactive session Leadership skills

Healthy and effective leadership teams

The foundations of a high performing leadership team are built on strong relationships that are rooted in mutual trust and common goals.



Using principles of observability to drive your professional growth

As you grow in your career, it can be harder and harder to assess personal progress. When you’re a leader with larger goals and longer-term projects, feedback loops lengthen. By drawing on the same principles of observability that we use when building software, engineering leaders can shorten the feedback cycle and take a data-driven approach to guide their own professional growth.

17:20 10 min


LeadingEng New York 2023 Wrap-up

Closing session



Networking mixer

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