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Understanding the strategies for developing your teams

Whether it’s mentoring, coaching, or sponsoring others, these approaches play a crucial role in unlocking your peers' potential. Coaching and mentoring can result in better communication, trust and engagement with your team when done right. 
While there is some overlap between these approaches, their philosophy differs, and the right methods to employ with your peers vary across scenarios. But figuring out what strategy will drive the best outcome for your peer’s growth is tough and can often depend on the individual.
Join this panel discussion as we ask five leaders for their tips on the best way to level up your peers. They’ll discuss the skills that you should focus on to become a more supportive and efficient mentor through sharing what has worked for them over the years. 

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to speed up your growth and other engineers around you 
  • Frameworks for developing engineers 
  • Foster a culture of growth amongst junior engineers
  • Effective methods for developing peers in a remote environment

We have invited LeadDev San Francisco host Ines Sombra and our headline speakers to join us for an exciting webinar focusing on how to develop your mentorship skills and level up your peers.  Join us for this panel discussion for a sneak peek into the headline speakers’ exciting talks they will be giving at LeadDev San Francisco.