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Welcome to the Build vs Buy series

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Each time a new product or piece of software is needed, engineering leaders at all levels have an important decision to make. Do you build a solution tailored to your team’s unique needs? Or do you trust an existing market product to do the job instead?

Welcome to Build vs Buy month - where we will be taking an exclusive deep-dive into the ‘build vs buy’ dilemma, and helping engineering leaders tackle one of the most common, but tricky, challenges. 

During the course of one month, we will be bringing you learnings and examples that consider not only the risks, costs, and benefits of each decision but also practical insight on how you can set you and your team up for success for both building and buying your perfect solution.


Explore the series

Weighing up the pros and cons of build vs buy

Off the shelf or build it yourself? Rod Begbie, Dan Blundell, Omar Koncobo, and Sangeeta Narayanan will help you find the right answer.

In this session, our panelists will discuss their own experiences approaching this decision, looking back at the times it hasn’t gone according to plan, and finally examine the scalability, security, and simplicity of both methods.




Laying the foundations for a successful build

Rod Begbie, Jennifer Voss, Andrew Fong, and Reggie Davis come together for an in-depth exploration of buying software.

Our build panel informs engineering teams of need-to-know prerequisites for a successful build journey and how to mitigate the fall-out if things don’t go as planned along the way.




Sourcing the perfect product for your team

Panelists Rod Begbie, Andrea Corey, and Cisco Vila discuss how to go about making sense of the vendor landscape, and ultimately sourcing the perfect product for your engineering team's needs.



Best practice for seamless product integration

Rod Begbie, Leemay Nassery and Silvia Botros will focus on the integration of new products (either built in-house or bought from a third-party vendor).

The panel will cover what is needed for both to function successfully within existing infrastructure.

Hosted by

Rod Begbie

Originally from Scotland, Rod now lives in San Francisco, CA and works as an Engineering Manager at Dropbox.