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As you settle into your management role, work will inevitably pile up, and your team will become hungry for more opportunity. Attempting to do all of the work yourself is a recipe for burnout and will stifle the growth of your team.

Luckily for you, providing your team more opportunity and reducing your workload are both solved by effective delegation! But how should you decide what to delegate? What context is critical to provide? How much autonomy should you give and when? Can you coach on progress or direction without micromanaging?

Learning how to delegate not just tasks, but problems, ideas, and business needs, will enable you to take on larger and more critical challenges without burning out. Delegation gives your team the opportunity to take leadership roles and leads to growth, learning, and career advancement for your team. Growing your team and taking on critical business needs will enable you to take the next step in your career as a leader as well.

With the techniques I present in this talk, you’ll be prepared to delegate, sponsor, and coach your team in a way that empowers them to grow their careers and makes your load manageable. Done right, delegation will be an invaluable tool you reach for again and again.