Rishabh Misra is a Machine Learning Engineer at Twitter, Inc and co-author of the book "Sculpting Data for ML". He developed a passion for identifying and tackling novel and practical problems using Machine Learning during his research internships at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, which he further explored during his Master's in Computer Science from the University of California San Diego. He combines his past engineering experiences in designing large-scale systems, working at Amazon and Arcesium (a D.E. Shaw company), and research experiences in Applied Machine Learning to develop distributed Machine Learning relevance systems at Twitter.


His explorations have also led to several research publications in competitive ML conferences like RecSys, ACL, and WSDM. The ML community has well received the datasets collected (also used in this book) as part of his research. Kaggle recently ranked him as one of the top 20 dataset contributors, and Deeplearning.ai's "Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow" course on Coursera used his Sarcasm Detection dataset for teaching purposes. In his downtime, he enjoys watching sci-fi shows, gaming, and spending time with his family. He presently lives in San Francisco, California, and you can visit him online at rishabhmisra.github.io or on Twitter (@rishabh_misra_).

Sculpting data for machine learning
26 Jul 2021 Video

Sculpting data for machine learning

Jigyasa Grover
Rishabh Misra
15 mins