A Thoughtworker for the last 9 years, Nazneen is a security consultant leading the AppSec Program for Thoughtworks' entire roster of internal operations. She has experience in enabling software delivery teams to embrace the DevSecOps practice. She has led the InfoSec engagement model empowering engineers to build security right from the beginning using the power of "why" rather than "checklist" based development. Her last project involved restructuring the entry level program at Thoughtworks University where she led the change program to scale.


She has experience working in diverse roles, ranging from a developer to a program manager to change lead to a security consultant. This has empowered her with a plethora of techniques to approach any problem with ease, picking up skills and learning the strategy on the way to lead organizational change programs by applying a technical brain.


She is an experienced public speaker who has presented both at national and international conferences on application security, android development and women in leadership.

She sees herself as a learner-for-life who happily embraces her intuitive mentoring skills.


She enjoys traveling and experiencing the rich flavors different cuisines have to offer which she attempts to share with the world with her travel blog.

Organizational Change Through The Power Of Why - DevSecOps Enablement
06 Jul 2022 Conference session

Organizational Change Through The Power Of Why - DevSecOps Enablement

Nazneen Rupawalla