Myisha T. Hill is an awesome and sometimes exhausted mother to 3 different-abled yet brilliant children. She is an anti-racism guide, mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about women’s mental wellness and empowerment. As a  passionate advocate for mental wellness, Myisha T. Hill believes that when people get real, they begin to heal. She founded the “Check Your Privilege” (CYP) movement, an online community, and a series of workshops that support women all over the world in exploring their relationships with power, privilege, and racism. Also a proponent for womxn of color having access to healing she’s co-leads Brown Sisters Speak a mental health peer support and women's empowerment movement for BBIWoC.

Check your privilege: Myisha Hill in conversation
04 Nov 2020 Video

Check your privilege: Myisha Hill in conversation

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Myisha Hill
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Suzan Bond
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