Krystal Smith-Moore is a Software Engineer Manager at Mailchimp. She began her engineering career in Detroit and relocated to Atlanta after years of freelancing and trying to find her place in tech. Currently, she is managing Mailchimp's websites team, previous A*Member and facilitator and currently a BFS member of /dev/color, and continuing to mentor newer engineers as they embark on their software engineering careers. Krystal has also written a curriculum for Mailchimp’s hands-on learning program Launchpad, created in partnership with Clayton State University, and mentored apprentices in the Treehouse Talent Path program. Krystal's passion is focused on industry impact and teaching future software engineers who have taken a non-traditional path and share a similar story as hers.

Turning conflict into empathy on engineering teams
12 May 2021 Video

Turning conflict into empathy on engineering teams

Krystal Smith-Moore
11 mins