Kripa Krishnan is the Sr. Director in Google Cloud responsible for program management and operations for Google Cloud and Infrastructure Engineering. She’s been at Google for 14 years and is known for her work on Google’s Disaster Recovery (DiRT) which she ran for the better part of a decade. She also worked on reliability in Google SRE, privacy and security of Google Apps, and managed early stage launches of several products at Google (Drive, Google Registry, G+, Apps for Gov, Billing products, etc.).

Prior to Google, she worked with the Telemedicine Program of Kosovo to set up telemedicine infrastructure in the region. In a previous life, she ran a theater and performing arts organization in India for several years. She is also a character in the children’s book “Ara the Star Engineer”.

Avoid the Lake!
27 Oct 2020 Video

Avoid the Lake!

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Kripa Krishnan
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