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Are your standups productive and energizing?

October 19 – December 14 Leadership course
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Change doesn't happen alone – inspire your team today

Join the new five-part course on engineering leadership’s most fundamental challenges

Standups are one of the cornerstones of Agile. Done well, they can boost productivity, drive progress, and help move projects forward. But, all too often, stand-ups can turn into aimless status updates, leaving leaders with little understanding of who is stuck, what work is at-risk, and where to focus time and attention. 

In this panel, engineering leaders discuss methods for running more effective and energizing standups, in person and remotely. We will talk about ways we can use data to drill down into problems, anticipate potential roadblocks, and provide project visibility for your whole team.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about innovative new ways to run your standups
  • Avoid running uninspiring standups that become a hassle to the team
  • Use your team’s data to uncover hidden problems
  • Empower your team to get excited by projects and keep pushing them forward


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