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Engineering management and leadership courses

Change doesn't happen alone 

Humans are complicated, which makes engineering management complex. What makes you a great engineer doesn't make you a good leader. So how can you develop the skills to make your team grow and thrive? LeadDev Together supports your journey and levels up your leadership skills.

Our remote courses are designed for groups of leaders from the same organization to learn together. Each course is structured with curated peer-led content delivered by industry leaders and guided discussion time with your peers. 

Nurturing effective engineering teams

February 7 to April 18, 2023

Great engineering teams don’t fall from trees, and crafting a successful and happy team is far from easy. How you shape your team impacts how effective your team is and, ultimately, how you deliver software. So to inspire the folks in your team to work productively – and to retain them – you need to empower them to have an impact.

This course provides actionable learnings to help you build and sustain a healthy team environment, creating opportunities for your team and mapping their goals to the business needs.


  • Preparing for growth
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Building inclusive teams
  • Creating and sustaining motivation
  • Promoting and progression
  • Retaining your team