22 mins
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The Continuous Delivery (CD) team at Spotify knows all about build pipelines. We run thousands of them every day. We were doing a lot of things right, but we still wanted to go faster and smarter.

Continuous delivery promises speed to production, but there are some prerequisites to working CD and craftsmanship practices. In this talk I will look at the team and the individuals as key components of CD. CD is built by teams of people, so let's look at how to improve that foundation.

You will hear about how techniques like “giving up the creme brulee” helped us get the talking going. You will also hear how we took feedback to a new level by using the transparency model from the non-violent communication movement. It’s the king of feedback, but buckle up, it’s a challenging ride but worth the effort. Finally, I will share how we successfully used OKRs to grow teams that continuously deliver.