15 mins
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Remote work is the number one desired workplace setup for developers. As a lead dev, you’re able to hire from a global talent pool, and your team’s productivity, engagement and retention can soar as everyone works in the way that’s best for them. But done wrong, it’s a recipe for isolation, miscommunication and massive lost opportunity. This holds many of us back from embracing remote work on our teams.

In this talk, I’ll share the tools and practices we’ve figured out at Buffer, a globally distributed team with no offices. As a lead, you’ll learn how to make and communicate decisions remotely, solve those pesky collaboration problems, be a great manager when you don’t see your team face to face, and hire and onboard remotely. These are the four key areas you need to get right to build and scale a vibrant, effective distributed team. Whether you have just a few teammates who work from home some days, or you’re fully distributed, this talk will help you make remote work your team’s superpower.