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Learn how to find clarity in your role as a senior individual contributor

Senior individual contributors are expected to have a high level of technical expertise, which they leverage to prioritize tasks for teams, remove obstacles in projects, and provide strategic guidance to advance the business. However, while senior ICs possess, share and utilize this specific knowledge, these individuals often struggle with the uncertainty inherent to their position. 

So how do you balance being a senior technical advisor to the business when you are constantly weighing up what you should be advising or working on?

Join this panel of experienced ICs who have spent years exploring how to navigate ambiguity. Our panel will share their learnings throughout their careers and how you can start to find clarity amongst the uncertainty that seems to come with the role.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how senior individual contributors have tackled ambiguity in their roles 
  • Hear top tips on ways you can approach ambiguity in your job role 
  • Hear advice on how you can tackle the uncertainty you are facing 
  • Gain a toolkit for when you have to prioritize what to work on and when
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