We’re super excited to be bringing another producer into the content team at LeadDev. At LeadDev, we produce content to help software engineering leaders become more effective in their roles and build happy, inclusive, and high-performing teams. LeadDev started back in 2015 with our first event in London, and we’ve since expanded to New York, Berlin, Austin, and San Francisco. 

We’ve since evolved into a publisher, and we release daily articles, weekly live broadcasts, and other content on LeadDev.com. We work with the brightest authors in software engineering from companies like Netflix, Deliveroo, Spotify, Stripe, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, and Etsy; and in the past few months, we’ve created content campaigns for companies like Twitter, PepsiCo, Target, Shopify, Peloton, and Skyscanner. 

As a content producer at LeadDev, you’ll become one of the hubs of knowledge on all things engineering leadership. You’ll be pivotal in conceptualizing and commissioning the content that we create, working closely with our editorial review committees to programme the best content for our engaged community. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to our global events, which span Europe, North America and Asia, and have speakers from the world’s biggest tech companies. 

You’ll work alongside the content team, as well as working closely with our sponsorship, marketing, and operations teams. 

You can find more about LeadDev and what it's like working in the team at leaddev.com/careers.


Key Responsibilities

Market Research: 

  • Conducting research on the key challenges our audiences are facing and developing an understanding of their content needs.
  • Identifying new, emerging, and topical content themes for which LeadDev can create content. 
  • Sharing knowledge and information with the wider team in an easily understandable format. 

Content Review and Creation

  • Oversee the editorial review committee who help to review pitches from prospective authors. 
  • Work with the programming committee to select pitches for upcoming content
  • Commissioning articles from submitted pitches and from outreach.
  • Designing series of content that are focused around specific audience pain points.
  • Acquiring speakers for webinars and other forms of online content.

Content Planning

  • Helping to create, curate, and update the content handbook. 
  • Defining and refining our top content categories to ensure the correct frequency of content is commissioned.
  • Identifying our top performing articles to understand which content truly resonates with our audience.

Knowledge Transfer: 

  • Sharing information with the team in an easily understandable format 

Who we’re looking for

  • Someone who enjoys diving deep into the problems that audiences are facing.
  • Someone who feels comfortable talking to people over the phone and learning from them, while being a positive representative of our own values. 
  • Someone who thrives on having autonomy in their role, thinks creatively, and tackles problems with a proactive, puzzle-solving mindset. 
  • Someone who can work on multiple projects at once, can balance their time, and also provide clarity and communicate their research to others in the company.
  • If you have experience in content or conference production (or a similar role), that’s an added bonus!