We’re super excited to be bringing a Content Producer into the production team at LeadDev.

We produce daily articles, live broadcasts, and events, and as a Content Producer, you’ll be tasked with research and conceptualizing the content that we create. 

In the past few months, we’ve created content campaigns for companies like Twitter, PepsiCo, Target, and Skyscanner, and a key part of your role will be working with companies like these to understand their challenges and craft bespoke content that fits their needs. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to our global events, which span Europe, North America and Asia, and have speakers from the world’s biggest tech companies. 

You’ll work alongside the Senior Commissioning Editor and the Editorial Assistant, as well as working closely with our sponsorship, marketing, and operations teams. 

You can find more about LeadDev and what it's like working in the team at leaddev.com/careers.

Key Responsibilities

Market Research: 

  • Conducting research on how software teams operate in today’s landscape, with a particular focus on the companies they work with and buy from. 
  • Market mapping companies and understanding the ecosystem of modern software engineering companies
  • Identifying new industries who may benefit from working with LeadDev

Knowledge Transfer: 

  • Sharing information with the team in an easily understandable format 
  • Working with the sponsorship team to help them understand why specific companies would benefit from working with LeadDev, and joining them on sales calls


  • Designing content pieces or series that are interesting to our audience and meet the needs of our sponsors 
  • Working with our community to source speakers for virtual events, and writers for our articles


  • Working with the wider content team to plan out content in the short, mid, and long-term


Who we’re looking for

  • Someone who wants to work out how to bring value to our sponsors and digs into the challenges they’re facing.
  • Someone who feels comfortable talking to people over the phone and learning from them, while being a positive representative of our own values. 
  • Someone who thrives on having autonomy in their role, thinks creatively, and tackles problems with a proactive, puzzle-solving mindset. 
  • Someone who can work on multiple projects at once, can balance their time, and also provide clarity and communicate their research to others in the company.
  • If you have experience in content or conference production (or a similar role), that’s an added bonus!


How to apply

Please send an email with your CV attached to [email protected]. We'll contact all applicants within two weeks of the deadline.

Application deadline: November 2, 2020.

No recruiters please.