I'm the VP of Engineering at SeriesFi, where we streamline finance and operations for innovative teams using our EOS platform. My tech journey began at ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy. From there, I transitioned to CircleCI, taking on a pivotal engineering leadership role, steering the complexities of its domain, CI/CD space and guiding a team of skilled engineers.

The challenge and reward of leading and mentoring exceptional engineers are what drive me. I've learned firsthand that engineering leadership has its unique set of intricacies, quite distinct from traditional management. My goal is to always cultivate an environment that champions innovation, collaboration, and mutual growth.

Outside the office, travel beckons to me. There’s something special about discovering unfamiliar places and connecting with new faces. Nature has its own charm too — from hiking to camping, I cherish every moment outdoors. And, in our tech-driven world, I value the rich conversations and shared experiences with fellow industry leaders.