LeadingEng London is for senior leaders – managers of managers in engineering teams – who wish to extend their peer network and develop new skills for their career development.

Every leader needs some reassurance that they're heading in the right direction, that's why we created a conference specifically for Heads, Directors and VPs of Engineering. LeadingEng is a full-day event dedicated to addressing the challenges faced at the highest levels of engineering management. The day consists of a powerful mix of interactive sessions, in-depth case studies, and guided discussions with peers at the same level. 

Testimonials: Hear what past attendees have to say about LeadDev conferences

"This was my fourth time attending Lead Dev. The things my co-workers and I have learned over the years at LeadDev have greatly influenced how we work and lead at Vinted. As one of us said this year - “it’s the most useful conference I’ve ever attended."


Attended LeadDev London

Mindaugas Mozunas
Vinted VP of Engineering

"The content was great, with awesome speakers. I loved the setup in tables that allowed for discussions. The exercises were very interesting, and having a handbook with everything prepared inside to follow the conference made the day very smooth and productive."


Attended LeadingEng London

Florian Emoult
Agorapulse Co-Head of Engineering

"I enjoyed the focus strictly on high-level individual contributors, and the ability to talk to and interact with other high-level ICs from other companies. I have no idea how I'm going to summarize all this to my coworkers."


Attended StaffPlus New York

Michael Abon
1Password Staff Software Engineer

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