LeadDev events consist of a community of current and aspiring engineering managers, as well as senior leaders, looking to develop new skills for their career development.

Who should come to LeadDev?

Engineering Managers

The role of an engineering manager requires a different skillset to that of an engineer. With less time spent on technical work, your responsibilities move over to developing effective strategies, performance reporting and leading your teams to success. If you're looking to continue your professional growth, LeadDev gives you the opportunity to connect with peers and take in decades worth of experience from expert voices in the industry.

Software Engineers

If you are aspiring to take the next step in your career or want to know which direction to take that works best for you to move forward, LeadDev is the place to find out all you need to know about engineering leadership.

Senior leaders

An important part of your role as a senior leader is nurturing an inclusive culture and motivating your teams. Attending LeadDev with your engineering teams will enable you to support their personal development and encourage team building, which will help you work in alignment with each other. There is also an additional full -day conference on October 28, specifically for Heads, Directors and VPs of Engineering - visit the LeadingEng website to find out more. Take advantage of the Manager of Managers Premier Pass to attend LeadDev and LeadingEng and get the best of both worlds.

Our LeadDev audience is made up of:


Engineering managers


Lead developer / engineer


Senior developer / engineer


Director / VP / Head of engineering

Testimonials: Hear what past attendees have to say about LeadDev conferences

This was my fourth time attending Lead Dev. The things my co-workers and I have learned over the years at LeadDev have greatly influenced how we work and lead at Vinted. As one of us said this year - “it’s the most useful conference I’ve ever attended”.

Mindaugas Mozunas
Vinted VP of Engineering

I loved the diversity in the speaker line up! It's important to see others like you up on the stage to foster inclusivity. Meeting speakers and meeting folks in real life that I'd known through twitter a long time

Crystal Hirschorn
Snyk Director of Engineering

As a new-again manager, connecting with my peers and feeling that I'm not alone is invaluable.

Rob Allen
Covie VP of Engineering

If these questions keep you up at night, then LeadDev can help you find a solution to them:

  • How do I become a more strategic leader?
  • What methods should I be implementing into my daily routine?
  • How can I motivate my team to be more effective?
  • How do I know what path is right for me in my career?

How can I delegate to help my engineers be more autonomous?

How do I create a welcoming and diverse culture? 

Co-located events for your entire engineering team

LeadingEng - The dedicated event for CTO-track engineering leadership

The event for heads, Directors, VPs and other senior engineering leaders. Everything you need to know on your path from manager to manager of managers.

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