We are making sure your experience at LeadDev Berlin 2022 will be an investment in your learning and professional growth and you'll leave inspired and motivated by worthy ideas and connections.

Are you looking to attend but are unsure how to bring up the subject to your manager? Below is a sample letter we have written to help you build your case and explain the value of attending LeadDev Berlin 2022 and how you'll benefit from the insights shared.

Use our template to help persuade your manager


I am writing to kindly ask for your approval to attend the upcoming LeadDev Berlin 2022 conference taking place on November 3-4.

LeadDev is a community of software engineering leaders that come together to learn and get inspired on all things team, tech, process, and personal development. They have been organising leadership conferences in the US and Europe for over 6 years and this year are resuming their in-person conferences with a 3-day event in Berlin.

I've been following them for some time and I believe I would find value in attending this particular one as it will explore new technologies, practices and case studies in topics that will directly help me in my career. The agenda features some of the biggest leading experts in our industry.

Topics at this year’s LeadDev Berlin 2022 conference include:

Diversity & Inclusion
Incident Management
..And more

While attending, I'll have the opportunity to network with hundreds of peers from all over the world and learn more about how they are solving similar challenges to ours.

Here are just some of the exhibitors and attending companies coming to LeadDev Berlin 2022:



Rolls Royce​


I'll document all my new insights in a post-conference report detailing all the valuable takeaways which we can use in future projects. If there are any changes that I think will benefit our business I can recommend them to our team.

LeadDev currently offers group discounts for teams of 2+ members, along with workshop + conference bundles. If you feel that other colleagues would also benefit from attending the conference, we can save up to 15% on the ticket price.

There are 3 leadership workshops running on November 2 before the conference offering an additional full day of tutoring and group roundtable training and discussion from world renowned leaders:

  • Be a brilliant people developer - Workshop led by Meri Williams
  • Tech lead masterclass - Workshop led by Pat Kua
  • Becoming a successful change leader - Workshop led by Lena Reinhard

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. I see this conference as an investment in my professional development and couldn't be more excited to attend. I’d be happy to discuss business advantages, costs, or logistics with you in more detail if needed.