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Backwards compatible - Lessons from a quarter century in software

From implementing enterprise applications at Accenture in the 1990s to his current role as a Staff Engineering Manager at GitHub, Anjuan learned several essential lessons about the software industry. These lessons were often learned the hard way as an individual contributor and as an engineering manager. What would he say to himself if he could go backwards in time and help past versions become compatible with what he knows now? This talk is that conversation.


Anjuan Simmons
Anjuan Simmons
Staff Engineering Manager GitHub

Mentorship & Sponsorship

To grow our technical leadership skills, it’s critical to lean on one’s network of support. We often find mentors: people who can give us helpful advice. But what can be even more valuable is finding “sponsors”, who help us find new opportunities and improve the visibility of our work.


Lara Hogan
Lara Hogan
VP of Engineering Fly.io

How to talk to everyone: Connecting with your reporting chain

In this talk, Najla discusses how to build trust and empathy with your team when your organizational lines and remote working setup don’t create those moments organically. She will go over tangible strategies for building rapport within a large and distributed team. For example, you may have heard about skip-level 1-on-1s, but what should you talk about, and how often should you do them? Outside of those, how do you build continual moments of connectivity and make space for difficult conversations when those moments feel sparse?


Najla Elmachtoub
Najla Elmachtoub
Engineering Leader

Tackling tech debt

Sooner or later, tech debt accumulates. Much like financial debt, it’s not universally a bad thing. After all, sometimes we need to build something fast to test and learn, meet an external deadline, or have to accept something imperfect to make progress. But the problem comes when you start paying your mortgage on your credit card. In this talk, join Meri - a seasoned CTO - talking through real-life experiences of categorising, understanding, evangelising about and tackling tech debt across a range of company types and sectors.


Meri Williams
Meri Williams
CTO and Advisor Pleo

Launching a Gen AI powered travel companion: A case for tiger teams

In this talk, Aman discusses Booking.com's launch of a Generative AI-powered travel companion in 2023, outlining the journey from conception to successful launch within a tight three-month timeframe. The presentation will offer insights into the intricate process of delivering a complex product within a short duration through a focused team effort. It covers best practices for forming a tiger team, efficient delivery mechanisms, and transitioning the product into a permanent setup, post-launch.


Aman Bakshi
Aman Bakshi
Senior Engineering Manager Booking.com

On-call revolution: Building a culture of ownership and collaboration

In this talk, Ayelen dives deep into the story, the challenges, solutions, and the iterative process of implementing a unique on-call rotation when traditional SRE support was unavailable. Discover how this approach not only reduced costs and complexity but also empowered developers to take ownership of their services, fostering a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous feedback.


Ayelen Chavez
Ayelen Chavez
Head of Engineering OLX Group

Break and lunch activities

Network, learn and explore during every break

Chat to every speaker

Office hours is your opportunity to connect face-to-face, ask questions and find out more.

Complete your "Voltron Quest"

Inspired by Lara Hogan’s Manager Voltron, build your personal network at LeadDev Berlin. 

Solution swap

Work together to find ways of solving a common problem posed by our moderator.

Table talks

Join facilitated conversations on topics such as:

  • Running effective code reviews
  • Tackling difficult conversations
  • Innovating with fewer resources
  • Learning from incidents
  • Measuring engineering success
  • Management skills for AI
  • Improving developer experience

Speed coaching

Watch or participate in free 1:1 coaching


Lena Reinhard
Engineering Leadership & Executive Coach
Mathias Meyer
Executive Coach & Founding Partner

Career next steps Q&A

Dedicated sessions on how to take the next step in your career for:

  • Tech Leads
  • Engineering Managers
  • Staff Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Principal Engineers

Become a LeadDev Contributor AMA

Hear from the LeadDev content team on the secrets of crafting winning speaker submissions and effective article proposals.

Networking mixer

Spend some time with other attendees after Day 1 of the conference. 

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