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Make the most of the learning opportunity with a leadership workshop before the conference, hosted by industry-leading tutors.


Welcome to LeadDev New York

A welcome to LeadDev New York 2022 from the host David Yee.

How low (level) can you go

Leaders: come learn why this matters to your product, engineers, come learn why the investment is worthwhile.

Refactoring: Managing technical debt before it blows up in your face

How you can do your best to ensure your team has psychological safety and the proper processes to set yourselves up for success in a remote first world.

Why most technology migrations fail (and what we’ve learned along the way)

Sharing our learnings (and misses) about how we were able to move molehills and, in some cases, mountains while preserving engineering velocity and a sense of ownership and autonomy.

Effective observability in microservice architectures

This talk will focus on which observability practices and microservice architecture patterns align well and set microservice organizations up for success.

The clean code protocol

This talk focuses on providing simple and easy steps to aid in adopting clean code practices during a fast paced development environment without affecting velocity of the team.

Sunsetting legacy systems: a story by Netflix

A story of a 2-year-long deprecation of a legacy system that used to support several crucial parts in Netflix’s signup and account management space

Technologists: how to make decisions for your organization and our society

As a technologist, you have the power to create, to change, to destroy, and to sustain.

The Map Book: Visual storytelling without roadmaps

Learn what is possible with using an illustrative Roadmap to tell a story and inform your team on all the critical details in an intuitive and fun way.

Software estimation - embracing nuance and controlled chaos

Learn to embrace nuance, control chaos, and begin to confidently deliver on your commitments.

Level up your code reviews

Thinking about code review in terms of different lenses will help engineers of all experience levels build a vocabulary for seeking and providing feedback in a healthy, thoughtful, and collaborative way.

Simplify your postmortems and focus on scaling

Come away with a better understanding of how to run effective postmortems consistently to mature DevOps in the organization.

Calling out a terrible on call system

We knew the system had to change if we wanted to continue growing and not lose our developer talent, but the question was how?

Instilling the built-in quality mindset into a dev team

How can we, as Technical Leaders, help our teams to understand that quality is not the QA’s work, and must be distilled in every action, every line of code, every single little commit the team does?

Fostering psychological safety in distributed teams

How can you do your best to ensure your team has psychological safety and the proper processes to set yourselves up for success in a remote-first world.

Don't squander your inheritance: expert advice for taking over existing teams

Talking through our experiences, challenges, and best practices as well as sharing the strategies and resources we used in the cases where we had to "turn the ship around".

Equipping your team to support junior developers

Discussing actionable steps for building junior-inclusive practices through active reflection, sustainable processes, and a focus on empathetic communication.

Paying down management debt without burning out

Practical advice for triaging, prioritizing, and taking effective action to pay down your management debt while honoring your work/life balance

Death and life of great software teams

How can we apply Jane Jacobs principles of a vibrant city to a vibrant codebase?

Blame, shame and panic - how not to respond when things go wrong

Exploring our own reactions to being in the chain of responsibility, protecting our team and help them to feel safe enough to take responsibility and grow from these experiences.

Harassers are nice to me

Looking at techniques for surfacing and addressing bad behavior in the workplace.

Rubrics cubed: Attempting to quantify the qualitative in the interview process

Discussing how we created our rubrics and introduced them to our organization, and what we have discovered about how the process has affected our hiring outcomes.

Bottom up org change and evolution

How Intercom have been successful at empowering engineers to drive organizational change.

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