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Welcome to StaffPlus New York 2023

A welcome to StaffPlus New York 2023 from the host Tanya Reilly.


How much should staff+ engineers code?

In this talk, Joy will discuss some of the pros and cons to continuing to code, along with how some of Joy and her peers have thought through and continue to think through this decision.

11:20 30 min



Leading without authority: an example from security engineering

In this talk we use the experience of a Security Engineer tasked with helping a development team raise their security posture, without being part of it. We will look at what works and what failed, propose tactic and techniques to best position the outsider in, and what observed results were achieved.


Strategies for cloud migration

The Data Group at Squarespace has been on a transformational journey to migrate our systems to the cloud. At the beginning of 2022, we were running entirely on our own hardware; but by the end of 2023 we expect to be 100% cloud native. This talk will cover the strategy, tactics and execution that went into effect to make the migration to being cloud native over possible. 


Embedding on teams as a staff+ individual contributor

In this talk, Shweta will share her learnings with the process of embedding broken down into stages. For each stage, she will describe the focus areas, key relationships to build and nurture, outcomes to anticipate and finally how to unembed, making the team self-sufficient and self-confident in their ability to deliver.


Building effective relationships

In this talk, Mike will discuss the three types of relationships critical to cultivate: mentor, mentee and peer, how to decide which relationships to invest in vs move on from, how to use these relationships to improve your career, your success and work and build up everyone surrounding you and how to still do this when remote or timezone separated from your coworkers.

13:10 1h 20min



How to complain positively

Josh, a serial complainer with a catchy smile, will walk you through the steps he takes to make sure his complaining is heard and felt without causing pain.


Say no to burnout and stand up for yourself

This talk is a reminder of how to keep yourself in focus while still delivering value. Krys also includes examples of how you can bring yourself back to a place of focus when you feel your organization is trying it's best to have you do-all-the-things.



Do the hard stuff

Some of the most impactful technical work is about unwinding a humungous mess. This talk is about lessons learned over my career about executing challenging projects. The types of projects with politics, drama, tech debt, or past failed attempts. How do we know if the project is worth doing? Why has it failed before? Who’s blocking it? How do we know when to cut our losses and pause or cancel the project?

15:32 30 min



Building koi pond: simulating millions of slack clients

Join Maude for a roller coaster ride of a story and a thrilling live demo of what Slack's load testing systems can do!


Leading with vulnerability: A practical guide

In this talk, Christina will share her personal journey with vulnerability, as she learned to reframe her discomfort as opportunities for growth and eventually find the courage to be vulnerable.

17:12 10 min


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