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Welcome to StaffPlus London 2023

09:30 10 mins

Welcome to StaffPlus London 2023

A welcome to StaffPlus London 2023 from the host Tanya Reilly.


Filling the jar of impact and trust as a Principal Engineer

In this talk Nayana will be sharing some tips and tricks to identify rocks, pebbles and sand you can fill your jar with, ways they enable you to create impact and build trust across the organization and some common challenges you will face when you prioritize your work using this technique and ways to overcome those.


Nayana Shetty
Nayana Shetty
Principal Engineer The Lego Group

The Journey of a Byline

In this talk we will explore the journey our content takes through the many, many applications in our microservices architecture.


Alice Barlett
Alice Barlett
Principal Engineer The Financial Times

Running large scale migrations continuously

This talk will go over strategies and principles to make large scale migrations less daunting, both from a technical and organisational point of view.


Suhail Patel
Suhail Patel
Senior Staff Engineer Monzo
11:00 30 min



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Scaling your influence when you can only be in one place at once

This talk will cover a case study of the problem "how do we ensure all our teams are meeting code quality standards", looking at approaches that are likely to (and have!) failed, vs. those which are much more likely to lead to results and long-lasting buy-in.


Michael  Tweed
Michael Tweed
Principal Software Engineer Skyscanner

Scaling Your Influence through Documentation

In this talk I'm reflecting on my 2 year journey as a Staff Engineer, and how a mix of documentation and working groups has been a surprisingly effective strategy for influencing the opinions of the individual engineers as well as the non-technical stakeholders.


James  Ford
James Ford
Staff Engineer Compare the Market

Solving the puzzle of staff+ time management

In this talk, we will start by looking at: How the expectations of your role imply changes in how you manage your time, strategies to avoid feeling like you are being stretched in multiple directions, understanding how you work best, and identifying which strategies apply to you.


Blanca Garcia Gil
Blanca Garcia Gil
Lead Analytics Engineer topi

Defining Expectations of Staff Engineers

This presentation is mainly targeted for Staff Engineers who work on defining their own roles and responsibilities. Writing a Staff Engineer Guide, and agreeing on the expectations between the engineering and the management, is a great way to learn about your organization.


Sebastian  Łaskawiec
Sebastian Łaskawiec
Staff Software Engineer MongoDB
12:40 70 mins



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Maximizing your impact when context-switching

I've spent the last few years trialing a few different ways to sustainably maximize this time by balancing productivity with a bit of mindfulness. Come learn from my (many) mistakes, and hopefully we can all feel a bit less like a Dalí painting.


Maude Lemaire
Maude Lemaire
Senior Staff Engineer Slack

Homebrew’s Great Migration: Moving to GitHub Packages with Zero Downtime

In this talk, I’ll discuss the following: the key factors we evaluated to decide between the options available, how compromises were made within and between Homebrew and GitHub (my employer), what techniques we used to implement the migration by the hard deadline with zero downtime, and how to use “soft power” to affect change in your organisation without “hard power” to decide what any individual works on.


Mike  McQuaid
Mike McQuaid
CTO and Cofounder Raise.dev

Navigating Complex Projects: Finding the Right Mode of Operation

In this talk, I share my journey of deciding on an effective mode of operation when engaging with complex projects. Join me as I discuss the importance of balancing assertiveness and adaptability in your interactions in these projects.


Mahmut  Canga
Mahmut Canga

Working on software that is older than you

In this talk, Sally will share her views on working on an older codebase. She will share her experience watching the codebase evolve from incorporating acquired startups, to consolidating code branches. She will share pain points that she found to be repeated after joining a younger company.


Sally Wahba
Sally Wahba
Principal Engineer Splunk
15:00 30 min



Enjoy some refreshments during the break


Practical Systems Thinking for Software Engineers

In this talk, Laura will cover methods such as EAST-BL, System Dynamics, and the Energy Barrier perspective, with a specific focus on how these methods can be applied to the development and operation of distributed software systems. 


Laura Nolan
Laura Nolan
Principal Software Engineer Stanza

How to level up as an engineer while doing what you love

In this talk, Blanca will share how a large organisation like UBS has created a three level levelling up strategy for Engineers technical career progression.


Blanca  Rojo Martin
Blanca Rojo Martin
Distinguished Engineer UBS

Unmasking Imposters by Debugging Doubts

In this talk, BobbyD takes inspiration from the popular game "Among Us" to address the challenges engineers face in understanding their value and the importance of developing team awareness to support one another, and shares practical strategies for embracing individual strengths, fostering team collaboration, and building bridges through empathy and inclusivity.


J. Bobby Dorlus
J. Bobby Dorlus
Founder & CEO #TheTechHustle
16:30 10 min



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Networking mixer

Network with our community

19:00 10 min


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