StaffPlus gives you access to..

  • An all-new conference devoted to high-level individual contributors - Staff engineers, Principal engineers and up.
  • Hundreds of leads from a tailor-made funnel of people who are key to tech purchasing decisions.
  • High-level talent who are responsible for influencing development strategy, architecture, and business decision making.
  • Promote your brand as an industry leader to senior individual contributors.

Amplify your solutions across our one-day event dedicated to the technical leadership track

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Access the most senior technical individuals in the industry

An opportunity like no other to network with senior individual contributors - a group who are extremely hard to reach yet hugely influential. Connect with this influential group as they develop effective skills to influence, lead technical strategy and build infrastructures for their organizations.

Connect with Staff engineers, Principal engineers and very senior individual contributors from..

  • Google
  • squarespace
  • launchdarkly
  • shopify

Are you hiring new talent or building tools for tech teams?

We're curating the best tech teams and solutions providers to connect with an audience of hundreds of engineering leaders. 

Promote across our global events

Maximize your marketing impact with LeadDev in the tech hubs of New York, London, San Francisco and Berlin. Push your solutions to dedicated audiences as we host events tailored for senior individual contributors and CTO-track engineering.