LeadingEng New York is an event aimed at senior leaders of engineering organizations who want to boost their impact as a leader and the effectiveness of their teams.

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LeadingEng New York is conceived as a roundtable event with a curated seating plan that matches attendees with peers from organizations of similar sizes and complexity. This has been done to foster insightful conversations between participants so that everyone gets the most out of the conference.

To preserve the integrity of the event and ensure the best learning experience, LeadingEng requires that all engineering leaders in the room are engineering leaders who are managing managers or holding highly senior positions.

The seating plan is based on the information participants provide, so it's really important we understand more about you and your role. As such, attendees are asked a series of questions when purchasing a LeadingEng or Manager of Managers Premier Pass conference ticket to determine if they fit the eligibility criteria.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accommodate those who don’t meet these criteria. Registered delegates who do not meet the requirements will be notified by the LeadDev team within seven working days and issued a refund.

Eligible job titles include: 
Head of Engineering 
Director of Engineering 
VP of Engineering
Staff Engineer
Principal Engineer
Fellow Engineer  

For more details, visit our ticket page or complete the eligibility pre-check form to find out if you're eligible to attend.

Hear what past attendees have to say about the LeadingEng programme

"Great talks and very interesting. The table-based layout was very stimulating for the group discussions."


Attended LeadingEng Berlin

Antonio Farina
Translated Director of Engineering

"The content gave me additional insights that I hadn't considered before. New angles of looking at problems. A good repertoire of ideas to build off."


Attended LeadingEng West Coast

Michael Yue
Unit21 Head of Engineering

"Very relevant and from speakers in the same situation. Great format with the mixture of talks and workshops."


Attended LeadingEng New York

Derek Chan
Alaska Airlines Director, Software Engineering

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