We have no in-person conferences planned in 2021 due to Covid. Instead, we are expanding our new virtual series: LeadDev Together.

When we postponed our 2020 conferences to 2021 we hoped that by now we would be able run them safely. It's with real regret that we have concluded that with the pandemic ongoing, this just isn't possible. 

Instead we will be running LeadDev Together, taking place from April to June 2021. It’s an event series in an exciting new format that we piloted in 2020, receiving fantastic feedback from participating teams.


Information for conference ticket holders

If you hold a ticket to one of the following events, or an in-person workshop scheduled for 2021, you can find information on our website:

  • LeadDev New York
  • LeadDev London 
  • LeadDev Manager of Managers 
  • LeadDev San Francisco