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IBM Software development practices are undergoing a major transformation.

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Perhaps you can relate. We’ve all experienced areas in our processes that slow us down, cause churn, and create waste. You see it in how we prioritize, how we design and build, how we launch, how we address customers, how we scale. We can’t keep the same structure in place and expect it to naturally improve. We have to take clear measures and be all-in on executing them.

Our goal is to build a more effective model of software development & delivery by doing fewer things with greater impact, being disciplined about what we choose to build, and evaluating the success of choices. We started with an engineering transformation centered around roadmap alignment and prioritization with our product managers and designers, backlog and process transparency, continuous learning, and a disciplined definition of done.

Next, we fully automated our processes, reducing environment set up time required from 3 days to 6 hours, saved 75% development time establishing a broad test automation and CI/CD pipeline, and reduced security vulnerabilities by 81%. We also know better what value we are delivering. We also added more visibility into the allocation of work, tracking at granular levels directly from source repos, showing how we compare to other companies we benchmark against in terms of new function development, tech debt, and support work.