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In today's fast-paced tech landscape, the ability to achieve more with fewer resources is a strategic advantage that can set your organization apart.

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2023 Calendar - Join us in San Francisco and Berlin this year

Get unparalleled access to industry leaders. Learn from diverse voices in tech. Develop your skills as an engineering leader.

Join us for a 20-minute tech talk that explores the key principles and practical strategies for "Unlocking Lean Efficiency: Turning Knots Where it Matters in Tech Leadership."

In this talk, we will dive into the critical concepts that empower leaders to drive pace and build highly effective engineering teams when expanding the headcount isn't always an option. We will explore the following key ideas:

Aligning on Direction: Learn how to align your team in a clear direction by translating vision, mission, and strategy into actionable goals. Discover techniques for ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction, even when resources are limited.

The Power of Focus: Understand the importance of focusing on what truly matters. Differentiate between essential tasks, nice-to-haves, distractions, and noise. Discover how to channel your team's energy into high-impact activities.

Repeatable Use Cases: Explore the concept of building repeatable processes and use cases. Find out how this approach can streamline your operations, reduce redundancy, and enhance productivity, even in a resource-constrained environment.