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Leading a software team can be a great challenge: a group of highly skilled people with different profiles and aspirations who still need to achieve a single objective.

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So, what are some ways to be really successful at it?

Throughout my career, I have learned to lead with a systemic approach, focusing on understanding how the work works and how various elements come together to create a system where teams can thrive.  

This talk will provide a practical perspective on using systemic leadership to drive a software engineering team. Engineering managers will gain a high-level perspective and in-depth insight into how to focus on systems to manage their teams better, from theory to practical solutions.

You will leave this talk with knowledge on:  

  • The main concepts behind systems thinking and how they relate to software development
  • The processes within a software team and the tools engineering managers have at their disposal to improve them
  • A practical perspective on solving common software development issues with systems thinking