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I'll talk about our bespoke training initiative called develop, which is designed to bring python and other critical technical skills to the masses.

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Including resolute technophobes, and how just 18months after launching over half of our firm now use python - including compliance officers, communications professionals, operations analysts and lawyers! Roughly 10 years ago I learnt Python, and I soon found it so powerful, so useful, that I had an idea to bring the power of Python to the masses – to resolute non-programmers and technophobes. We've taught critical technical skills, predominantly python, to: all teams such as our lawyers, sales, HR professionals, to our charitable partners with the aim of improving diverse representation in tech, and to our clients too. I’m going to tell you what I did with this idea, where I failed, how we've taught almost 300 people critical technical skills in our first 18months, how to manage the risks that this unleashes, and why you should embark on a similar initiative to teach python, data science, basic machine learning (including generative AI), and technical operational risk management to anyone who will let you! No prior knowledge is needed for this talk.