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Managing technical debt is crucial for maintaining a high-performing engineering team and building a high-quality product.

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In this talk, we will explore a practical steps to influence stakeholders, be realistic about resourcing, and involve the entire team in making critical decisions on quality projects and technical debt.

We'll dive into 4 key strategies in the product development and planning process that engineering leaders can adopt.

We'll start by talking about incepting the value of quality work directly with stakeholders early and often. We'll explore techniques to realistically evaluate resource constraints and identify areas where investments can be made. You'll learn a framework (with a notion template) that can be used to measure the relative importance of different tech debt items based on factors like impact, risk, and complexity. We'll introduce a collaborative voting mechanism (with a FigJam template) that allows engineers to voice their opinions and prioritize tech debt items collectively. Lastly, we'll share impact-first communication language that will illustrate value and bring you full circle to land quality projects on the roadmap.

Join us to gain actionable insights into fostering a collaborative and efficient approach to managing tech debt.