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A recent survey found that 7 of 10 people are considering quitting their job in 2022. 4 of 10 say they will likely quit due to the lack of career progression. Anecdotally, it’s clear to many of us, especially in Tech, that if you’re not getting the raise or promo you want, simply respond to one of the many LinkedIn messages you’re likely receiving and you can get that raise or promo somewhere else. What’s keeping you at your current job? What’s keeping your reports?

True enough, it’s the individual’s responsibility to advocate for their own career, but the people managers who learn how to play a successful and integral role in their reports’ growth will begin to stand out more and more. The people managers who learn how to guide their reports to new growth opportunities and see that those team mates are properly recognized are going to keep many more of them than those who don’t.

I’ve led and promoted engineers from intern through Senior+ levels at start-ups and Big Tech companies. In this talk I’m going to share with you my playbook on Career Planning for your Direct Reports. I’ll share steps, tips, and stories that’ll prepare you to be the type of people manager one wants to leave. During this talk we’ll cover Where They’re At which involves understanding your team charter,your report’s level, and performance. We’ll discuss Where They Want to Go which involves understanding their desired path, their performance delta, and what motivates them. Lastly we’ll discuss How to Get There which involves designing work, coaching and accountability, and the promo process.