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Managing people is complex because people are complex.

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There is a lot of fantastic management advice out there, but much of it works well for one specific type of person. As you continue in your career you will meet people with different needs who may challenge what you have practiced so far as a manager. You will need to learn to adapt to different styles and build your ever-growing runbook of situational wisdom.

In this talk I will break down some of the big ways in which people are different: communication styles, ways they prefer to receive appreciation, and attitudes towards career progression. I’ll walk through a few (anonymized) examples from my career when I used a tactic that wasn’t well suited towards a particular person and had to change directions. For example, I’ll talk about someone who did not appreciate spoken recognition and how I was able to appreciate them without making them feel exposed. Learning your team’s intricacies can help unlock their potential and make them feel appreciated in ways they have not experienced before.